Bears Discover Fire

Scifi / Comedy - 14 min.

Directed by Ben Leonberg; Produced by Scott Riehs

The Strange story of a lonely man, his aging mother, his curious nephew, and a family of bears that have discovered how to use fire.

Watch the Official Teaser Clip below:

Bears Discover Fire was adapted from a short story of the same name by Terry Bisson.  Ben Leonberg and I shot the film in deep South Jersey in October 2014, and screened it in NYC at the 2015 Columbia University Film Festival where it won the IFP Audience Award.  Bears Discover Fire combines the quirky humor, use of practical locations and special effects, as well as the magic and spectacle that encompasses the films we strive to make.  Bears Discover Fire will have its proper premiere on the festival circuit starting in the Fall of 2015.

Here is the Bears Discover Fire Official Website full of special content, behind-the-scenes photos and cast & crew info.

We raised a ton of money on Kickstarter in order to make this film. Here's our Kickstarter Video, full of bears.

The Columbia University Film Festival interviewed us about the film: