Devil's Work

Thriller - 19 min.

Directed by Miguel Silveira; Produced by Scott Riehs

Devil's Work is a film about war, family, and vengeance.  A troubled 14 year old boy grows increasingly isolated as he obsesses over the circumstances surrounding his father's death.  His descent puts him on a dismal and potentially violent course that will lead to major truths and even greater questions.

Devil's Work was a challenge to produce, both thematically and logistically.  Together with director Miguel Silveira and a fantastic cast and crew, we dug deep into extremely difficult subject matter and created a powerful and moving portrait of a young family struggling to understand why their patriarch committed suicide -- and how his young son's conclusions may lead to disaster for all.

Devil's Work was the recipient of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation's Production Award, a 2014 DGA Student Film Award, and is an official selection in the Short Film Competition at the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival