Finding God in China

(Feature Documentary - 58 min.)

Directed by Scott Riehs and Emmy Walker

"Finding God in China is a strikingly spiritual journey through culture and history."       

-The Phoenix Movie Examiner

In 2008 I traveled to Guangdong Province with my friend Emmy Walker, her grandfather, and a camera.  Three years in the making, this film taught me what real filmmaking stamina feels like.  Along with Emmy, I shot, co-wrote and directed the film.  I am also the Director of Photography and editor.  This film was a labor of love, and I'm very proud that Emmy's family now has visual documentation of her great-grandfather's profound legacy -- as well as her Grandfather Ykon, our guide on the trip.  Ykon passed away the film was completed.

Finding God in China premiered at the 2010 Phoenix International Christian Film Festival, and won a Jury Prize for Documentary Film at the 2011 Reel HeART International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada.

Short Synopsis

Emmy is a 21-year old American performance artist who finds herself severely disconnected from her family's Chinese culture and faith.  Her late great-grandfather -- one of the first native Chinese Christian evangelists in Southern China -- is the subject of a short biographical book written by her family.  This film follows Emmy's travels to China as she traces the book's documented path of her remarkable great-grandfather's life.

Along with her 86-year old grandfather Ykon, Emmy journeys from Graungdong's most remote villages to its largest cities. Immersing herself in her family's Hakka culture and Christian faith, she learns first-hand of the unimaginable sacrifices made by her great-grandfather to help sustain the region's deeply-rooted Chinese Christian identity.  

Finding God in China is driven by a pulsating, original electro-pop score mixed with authentic Chinese choir music. It reveals a unique slice of China that very few Westerners have ever witnessed or experienced...


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